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Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 4th Nov 06 (12:00 am)
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Settlers 2 Cheats
Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 4th Nov 06 (12:00 am)
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1. Start game.
2. While ingame, hit RETURN or ENTER to access the console.
3. You can now use the following codes, has to be case sensitive:

GiveMeSomeMore = Gives +10 in everything
FreedomOfMovement = Free Circumspection
INeedSomeHelp = Wins the mission you're playing
ShowMeTheWorld = Show full map
TooFast = Runs game on mega fast speed
MRTG Is Win.
Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 21st Jan 04 (10:40 am)
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For anyone who uses MRTG, Here are a few useful MIBS for monitoring NON-Lan stats.

HP LaserJet Internal Print Server (4100 / 4500c / Others)
Pages Printed:

APC UPS Management Card
AC Voltage In:
AC Voltage Out:
UPS Load (%):
UPS Temp (c):
BT Line test number..
Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 23rd Nov 03 (2:46 am)
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As i can never remember where it is on the MPUK forums, and cant remember the number....

A little tip ....
To test your bt line dial 17070, select option 3,1 then 2. The system phones you back and lets you know if your line passes or fails. It also quotes the line distance from your home to the exchange

If the line distance is under 3.5km you should in theory be able to recieve adsl.
Eve beta testers....
Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 1st May 03 (7:56 pm)
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WhiteKnight 19:50:13 [STORMFORCE] armageddon is monday isnt it?
19:50:24 [MoBioS] Friday
19:50:40 [STORMFORCE] thx
19:50:45 [WhiteKnight] no, monday, the 5th
19:51:00 [Eblessair] er...
19:51:07 [Eblessair] the 5th isnt monday
19:51:14 [WhiteKnight] er, yeh it is
19:51:21 [Eblessair] arf, nm
19:51:23 [MoBioS] Er, no it aint
19:51:30 [WhiteKnight] er
19:51:31 [Eblessair] thought we were still in april for some reason ^^
19:51:34 [WhiteKnight] yeh
19:51:35 [WhiteKnight] yeh
19:51:35 [MoBioS] Its the 1st today, so Friday is the 5th =P
19:51:43 [WhiteKnight] its thursday today
19:51:46 [Eblessair] yeah
19:51:57 [Eblessair] ah good, no college moday = battleship fun
19:52:00 * WhiteKnight twats MoBioS with a time warp
19:52:16 [MoBioS] Er, no it aint
19:52:20 [MoBioS] Its the 1st today, so Friday is the 5th =P
19:52:27 [Eblessair] no, its not.
19:52:36 [WhiteKnight] what day do you think it is MoBioS
19:52:36 [WhiteKnight] ?
19:52:41 [Eblessair] fri = 2nd, sat = 3rd, sun = 4th
19:52:41 [Eblessair] sooooooo
19:52:43 [Eblessair] mon = 5th
19:52:46 [WhiteKnight] cos on our planet
19:52:52 [WhiteKnight] its thursday the 1st of may
19:53:04 [WhiteKnight] today
19:53:12 [MoBioS] OH yes....so it is.....must get my pills checked......
19:53:14 [WhiteKnight] which makes monday the 5th of may
19:53:18 [Eblessair] lol
19:53:18 [WhiteKnight] rofl
19:53:34 [MoBioS] For some reason....I though it was monday today :/
19:53:38 [WhiteKnight] rofl
19:53:41 [WhiteKnight] peon
Poster: WhiteKnight - Date: 28th Jun 02 (2:34 am)
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Software, yes, software...

That stuff I write from time to time...

(and the stuff we test :P)

Information about it will sit here somewhere..
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